Gujarat Riots : The Unseen Side

Every one blames BJP and Narendra Modi for the 2002 Gujarat carnage… but the role of the Lok Sabha in the whole enquiry episode is grossly overlooked… The Congress and other parties in opposition were not only indifferent to the happenings in Gujarat, it also simply made Modi the scapegoat when it came to power… Feel the politics huh.. !

Not long ago, in the judgment of the most infamous case on the Gujarat riots of 2002, nine of the seventeen accused in the Best Bakery case were awarded life imprisonment… They were accused of burnin alive 12 Muslims during the anti Muslim riots… in which supposedly more than 2500 Muslims were killed… Gujarat government had failed to arrest the rioters in time(that is obvious)… even though more than 165 Hindus were shot dead by the police… A fact not really known by everyone… Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat has been blamed for his inability to restore peace and save precious lives… Considerin  the loacation of the riots.. there are serious questions of the word precious… most of the ones killed had some record in the police stations around…Many consider Modi the architect of the riots… Modi.. just a CM… why then was he allowed to execute his ideas… Why didnt the opposition not storm in or out the Lok Sabha to protest… Why didnt they damage public property in retaliation.. ?? I think they just watched everythin silently.. probably with a smile too…  Smell the politics huh.. !

Roll back sometime after the riots..enquiries workin at their peak…it was celebration time for the UPA…it had just formed the government at the center..The ’India Shining’ and the BJP  had been tossed out… To make matters worse… Communists were leaving no opportunity to rub salt on their wounds… All and sundry were making uncharitable remarks to prove themselves the real secularists… I think if there are 3 people who should really be shot down today for the benefit of the country.. it should be 2 certain Karats and a certain Arjun…

Anyway…weeks before the riots.. December 2001…Insultin remarks were being made against those who had gone to Ayodhya for a religious function organised by a well-known right wing organisation… Come February 2002…when the news erupted that the S6 coach of Sabarmati Express carrying kar-sevaks returnin from Ayodhya had been torched and all the people inside the compartment were killed…it was not given the due importance it deserved… No response at all… No one critisized the happenin… No sympathies… No relief packages… The political bigwigs at the center chose to remain mum…I think they are actually too dumb and numb to say anythin… The pathetic response to such a heinous crime was bewildering… Perhaps the so-called secularists did not find anythin wrong in the burning of more than 50 innocent people…(break)

Imagine yourself in a room closed from all directions.. no doors.. no windows.. A small fire erupts on one diagonal edge of this room… its bound to spread.. and you have no escape route… the fire spreads towards you… You feel warm.. then hot… you shed your clothes… the fire keeps spreadin… it engulfs around you… The air becomes so warm you cant breathe… Your metobolic rate is so high at such temperatures you cant refrain from breathin… You inhale super-heated air.. you lose your lungs… the fire burns your skin… startin with your nose… Your eyes shed off all the water till you are blind.. I think in most cases.. you lose your hearin ability before your eyesight… You shout for help.. it worsens your situation… finally..

(back)  …They dared to follow their religion, so whatever fate they met, they deserved it… The silence at Lok Sabha conveyed this message shouting from the rooftop… Communists were ecstatic over these developments…

The Government should have been more alert and prepared for any eventuality… The outcome of this type of horrific crime should have been anticipated and assessed… If I, just an ordinary student of Class 9th was so confident about the city being shut down for a week that I didn’t complete my homework, those at the center must have known a lot more… But the central and state governments let the wild rumour spread and tension built up… There are many instances in the past when rumors have wrecked havoc… The most recent was the communal flare up in Nepal…

Some truck drivers from Punjab were abducted in Iraq and the government was able to secure their release successfully…  At the same time seven drivers from Nepal were also abducted in Iraq and were butchered mercilessly…  In an instant reaction throughout Nepal, Muslims were hounded and attacked… The situation improved only when good sense prevailed… Similarly when the news of the assassination of Indira Gandhi spread, the then government allowed the wild rumors to spread so that it resulted in the brutal and indiscriminate killing of the Sikhs… The news that so many people were burnt alive in Godhra spread and the attitude of the central government flared the anger, providin fuel to the fire that resulted in probably worst ever carnage of a community…

There is no denyin the role which the government of Gujarat played durin the riots… In fact the police have always sided with the Hindus in the thousands of riots that this country has witnessed…Moreover, the Hindus have been at the receivin end in almost all the riots before 2002… After every riot these facts emerge… but only Narendra Modi is being hounded… Its a different matter that these riots had become a ‘necessity’ to stop this chain of riots all over the country… the results are there : Can you recall any promienent carnage post 2002… now sit back and analyse what went different in 2002… and why did a dozen major riots engulfed us in a period of 20 years before 2002…

Back to our floor…It is very evident that politicians are just interested in Muslim votes… so they keep repeatin the same topic everytime… Have any of them done anything concrete for any of the unfortunate victims ?

Dhoni will attempt to hit 4 sixes in the last over of a T20 only when the previous happenings have demanded such a situation… if in the process, he loses his wicket.. no one will blame him… It had to happen.. because the other 19 overs shaped the event… You cannot run away from it.. You cannot crib that Dhoni got out…

For 19 overs, there were the pre 2002 riots and there was Godhra… what the whole nation cries out foul for is just one over… Accept or not..


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