About Me

About 20 years ago, the world was blessed by my arrival…it has never recovered since!
Hmm… personality traits? I’d like to conquer the world… but I am not entirely sure of my Master Plan yet!

I believe confidence is the key. You know what they say…you cant fool all the people ALL the time?.. Well you can! Just state anything with supreme self-confidence. (101 Tips to Inserting Foot in Mouth: By ME)

If you spend some time with me… you’ll realise I love making dumb jokes… Its an affliction, though I must admit I love being sarcastic slightly more… Yeah, I am also completely honest..

Every stupid mistake you make is like the Universe smacking you on the butts with a baseball/cricket bat.. Trust me.. I KNOW!

My latest sensation is entrepreneurship… And I think this is where I’ll make my career.. You see fast bucks are always a motivation..

Share market fascinates me… And I think if cuningly used, is a good source of heavy-dose income…

Life’s full of laughter and love, joy and verve, smiles and song, then it’s time to wake up from sleep…!

Basically, there’s my way or the highway! So here’s the choice, hike, rough it out and be the slowpoke or hitch a lift with me. It’s a guarantee it’ll be a roller coaster ride….

Oh yeah.. and they call me Maggie for my hairstyle.. or maybe coz I am very slippery…

Okay, so I wont appeal to the fainthearted… or the serious, or the quiet, or the peaceloving, or the sedate, the studious, the calm, the dignified … uhm OKAY… or the sane! But whose looking for THOSE qualities, huh? 🙂

Can prove to anyone out there that No One Is Lucky. Your Hard Work Makes You Lucky.

And ultimately
Life is too short to be taken seriously…

For the record, I am a third year student at IIT Bombay… The views expressed here are entirely personal.. and no harm, pun, joke or insult is intended on any individual, group, religion,  or community.

Cheers… !!


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