The myth called New Year

I’ve got a plan… lets all try to do less of certain things in 2009…of things we have been conventionally doin… lets make a resolution that we wont forget by the 3rd week of Jan that we made some resolutions 20 days before… Maybe.. just maybe..itll catch on… and we’ll have an accidental movement on our hands…

What do you think? Willing to try?

11 Not to Do Things  in 2009

1. Stop drinking vodka and whisky at the same time.
2. Stop writing “Terrorism and Corruption” posts.
3. Stop putting yourself down.
4. Stop waiting for something to come that will make everything better (if only), (apart from a gal that is)
5. Stop thinking you can read minds.
6. Stop trying to do it all yourself.
7. Stop trying old things in new places, unless they’re really old.
8. Stop making excuses for not doing things to move your career ahead.
9. Stop presuming everything will get better because someone else will fix it.
10. Stop beating yourself up when you don’t create something on a given day.
11. Stop striving for perfection, and strive for execution instead.
Here’s the Secret

The secret is this… its ridiculously hard to focus on STOPPING anythin… So maybe lets you and me throw out the first list… and lets do some new things in 2009… And because its hard to actually remember 11 things… lets just do 6 things in the to do list…

6 To Do Things in 2009

1. Find a new way to improve someones day (and determine if theres value in it).
2. Synthesize new ideas from outside your audiences circle (and help us make meanin from them).
3. Promote the great people out there ( and and keep doin it).
4. Learn from brilliant people (and share what you learn).
5. Work on interestin projects that matter to you (and empower others to participate).
6. Discover your passions (and share them openly).


Discover your true self… hate Pakistan if you dont even now… help India sort out terrorism…develop an injection to sort out the ailing Islam… get into the Stock Tradin business.. do a Harshad Mehta.. get into intelligence agencies.. track Americas smart moves.. earn more.. enjoy more.. pay more taxes.. buy a pair of heavy chappals for the Thackerays.. set-up industries.. manufacturing ones.. generate money… grow fruit trees like Laloo does.. hijack the Parliament… drink.. smoke.. wither away…

After all.. human satisfaction comes at a great price…  Wont be long before the Happy vaala new year 2010..


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