The paradise in Mizoram

Mizoram just tends to get counted among the 7 North Eastern Indian states… and is safely assumed as poor and disturbed by most people in the plains.. However, a visit to the place and you realise you got all your facts completely wrong..

Its very hard to believe a place like this can exist in India.. Unbelievable love, hospitability and serenity all around.. and herez all one can encounter durin their stay there..

The capital city Aizawl is entirely on the hills.. with the steepest roads of the country being its streets.. their homes are built on pillars which stand downhill.. so in many places you will find a person parking his car typically on his houses roof… then steppin down to enter the house..

The roads are so steep and the turns so risky that you cant drive a vehicle yourself.. and you cant really drive too many cars there.. Rule out the midsized.. rule out safaris and scorpios.. rule out even the santros and wagon R.. its just Maruti 800 which does rounds here.. as a personal car as well as taxis.. plenty of the plyin on these roads… no autos.. no other vehicles.. any bike has to be 120 cc or more.. scooters are painful but manageable.. and you only tend to realise the power of Maruti 800 there.. that babys got guts..

The people are extremely co-operative among themselves and hospitable to the people from outside.. of course they keep a stringent watch on outsiders for any unwanted activity they may indulge in.. Among themselves.. see a taxi graze another one and the drivers just responding by a smile.. a car waitin to let way to another one.. so much unlike other places where they scamper to rush in..

.. as for the hospitality front.. there is no attempt whatsoever by any of the shopkeepers to loot a tourist.. they are calm, peaceful.. and are selfless to suggest other shops if you are particularly interested in somethin.. the taxi drivers keep offerin u chips or candies or even cigarettes…

There are more girls than boys there.. and before I elaborate further.. it is essential to acknowledge that there are hardly any obese people around.. or anyone being even healthy above average.. I couldnt spot a single fat person.. the average health levels are amazingly high.. and that is largely because of the fact that everyone in the community works.. I did a statistic count standin in a busy market place.. here are the nos.. 10/11 shopkeepers or store-owners were girls.. and I am not talkin ladies.. 13/17 people smoked… the girls did a variety of  jobs.. from selling cigarettes/paan etc to lifting television sets and loadin them onto vehicles outside electronic showrooms..

Amazingly, they were all very well dressed and especially had well maintained hairs.. i later realised that this was largely because they had a no-savngs policy.. they earned moderately.. and kept them and their family well.. of course the fact that most of the family members worked helped matters…

Their society is very closely bonded and well-knit.. there are aplenty live-in arrangements which work because their selfless nature among themselves.. the girls are free to roam around.. and quite safe inspite of being surrounded by a line-up of disturbed states..

The government on its part has done well to keep up the tempo.. and ensure security.. its a dry state to begin with.. and therez strict vigilance and patrolling.. also.. moreover.. the fact that therez only 2 road routes to escape the place discourages disturbances heavily… you cannot enter the place without a valid permit.. and every local citizen has the right to inspect that anytime and anywhere he wishes to..

Overall.. its the first place I felt like being.. the kinda feelin I last felt in Paris.. if properly publicised, this would be a destination no less than Goa.. but seein the cleaniless and honesty.. the love and care of this society.. it better be left unotuched..

afterall.. how many places do u know of in India where you get a smile from every person you see.. where you are welcomed and thanked for visitin the place from every stranged you talk to.. where you feel so comfortable inspite of not being from there.. where therez color.. therez smoke.. and therez life..



5 thoughts on “The paradise in Mizoram

  1. Hey there,

    I’m the admin at (a social-networking site based on digg from Mizoram) and we have posted this on the site. I’m a Mizo and I couldn’t agree more with the “better be left untouched” part.


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