Mumbai aftermath : 35 days later

There has been enough said everywhere about these blasts… yet.. more than half the country includin our administration believes in just talkin.. talkin nonsense.. claimin diplomacy.. and somethin called international pressure without exerting any force.. no progress..

With more than a month gone by, India just lost a glorious chance to end this pakistan trouble once and for all..  it never had a better chance since the removal of Sardar Patel from the negotiatin team.. the most pathetic observation : Indians being worried about innocent Pakistanis gettin screwed.  Innocent.. lol..

Strivin towards peace has made everyone so blind.. that they have forgotten that peace has never been attained in history without war.. on top of that.. India, US and Israel together.. which is more than enough for the entire Islamic world… oh that reminds me of the fact that Islamic countries largely have only 2 assets: Some kind of terrorists.. and some infinite oil.. ( few innocent people too who are not to blame)..

India in this situation cannot afford to be run by people who cant even manage themselves.. by those who dont know to give a commandin speech.. who cant even stand strongly to their own citizens.. who are being made a mockery of everywhere…

Every developed and powerful country had a revolution at some point in history… India could have got one had Gandhi not screwed things up for Bhagat and Co. … its still awaitin that revolution..

Comin back to Mumbai.. for those who are still skeptical need to look below to realise what innocence means.. what an average Indian citizen could end up with any place.. any time.. Lets for the sake of Indians, our fellow brothers, forget the fact that we are supposed to be a bunch to peaceful and tolerant blokes… even Gandhi used a stick to kick out stray dogs from his house..

For those who still stick with dialouge and diplomacy.. well.. you are either a kid.. or too scared in life.. Go end it.. its meaningless and unnecessarily addin to our population..


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