The Myth of Brain Drain

Brand IIT today is recognised all over India and abroad… However, there are some myths which need statistical re-correction… Everyone believes most IITians go abroad after their graduation, and a majority of them take up management jobs… This is totally incorrect and I am sure there is a need for the over-exaggerated negative media to point out the true statistics to the people…

The actual output of IITs is not what is generally perceived by most people… IIT is not just about the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) or the outstanding success achieved by some graduates in the U.S. ..It is also about the PGs and PhDs who outnumber the UGs in most IITs. …

A little known fact is that more than 80 per cent IITians live and work in India…. Detailed scientific studies of the graduates from IITs Bombay and Madras show that about 35 to 40 per cent of them proceed abroad for higher studies, and about a quarter return to work in India… This means that at most only a quarter of our graduates settle abroad… The pattern is roughly similar for all IITs… Now, graduates are less than half the total strength, and only a quarter of them are settling abroad… Therefore, the total number of students settling abroad may be less than a fifth of the total production. The rest work in INDIA only, unlike media projections which suggest 70% goin abroad…

The power of True Numbers….Convinced ??


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