Brand IIT Depreciation

Behind great successes are great men… Behind great disasters, there is just one man… HRD… erstwhile Human Resource Development became Human Reservations Department… and is now Humorous Ridiculous Disaster…

So before one could recover from the pathetic reservation issue… esp applied for premier institutes…. there came the desperate move to open new IITs… new… IITs…

I think them move is sad… its vicious… poisonous… its adding bad ducks to a clean, bright lake… India does need many more such institutions but is not yet ready….Actually… even the present institutes require a lot of attention to maintain themselves up in the comin years… Great educational institutions are not built by money but by talented and dedicated teachers… Unlike financial capital, which can be obtained in a trice, human capital takes years to cultivate…There is already a stark deficiency of Quality Human Capital in present IITs…. As a populist move, one worse than the loan waiver for farmers, the Government wants to have instant IITs… forgetting that without a bank of dedicated teachers it is impossible to raise them to the platform called Brand IITs… The Government is behaving like a milkman who increases the amount of milk he sells by addin more water to it…

When IITs first came up, Nehru took great pains to attract the best available talent… including people outside the nation… The present Parliament is doing exactly the opposite: It is insisting that teachers should be selected not for their ability but on the basis of their caste… It must be remembered that soon after Independence, several State governments, using exactly these kinds of policies, systematically destroyed their universities… Even Kolkata and Allahabad which were amongst the best in the world were devastated.

The Centre is now doing the same to IITs and the IIMs… It took about 20 years for the IITs and the IIMs to establish their reputation all over the world….It did not take many years for Kolkata and Allahabad to lose their sheen… Only a better foresighted parliament can rescue them from disaster.


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