IITB : Ban on Foreign Internships

An article in Mumbai Mirror , DATE : 16/06/08

Premier institute will make it compulsory for students to undertake internship in in a bid to expose them to local conditions, reverse brain drain

In an bid to contain ‘brain drain’ and meet the needs of Indian industry, IIT-B will make it mandatory for B Tech (4-year course) and dual degree programme (5-year course) students to enroll for internship in Indian companies or research institutions. The internship is part of the course curriculum.

Hmm… a very basic question : does an internship for 3 months really change your outlook so much you feel like goin abroad after ur BTech… another question : Is doin a PhD abroad and then comin back to India an example of Brain Drain or is it a matter of manpower enhancement for India… yet another ques : How many students really end up gettin jobs abroad once they pass out of IIT… for those studyin in IITs.. you know there are harldly… for those who are not.. you know the situation now..

An internal report by IIT-B says over 60 per cent of the students undertake internship in foreign companies or universities hoping the experience will come handy while seeking admission for post-graduate programmes abroad or getting jobs in foreign companies.Academics feel this is one of the reasons for losing its talented youths to other countries.

60% !! I thought the figure might actually be just 6%… these are overtly exaggerated numbers… it will be interestin case in RTI to find where it got exaggerated… I think with the kind of articles Mumbai Mirror is puttin up these days, I can safely assume its the reporter himself…  for everyone around… trust me.. the figure is much much lower than what is being stated…

Arguments.. hmm… most internees end up in Europe… some in Australia and Canada.. scarecely in US and other places… however..  the favorite destination for PG programmes or anythin for that matter is the US… I dont see what usefulness this experience carries… if at all.. its just widens the perspective of the students in the field of research.. so they are better equipped in their curriculum in IITs… its what happened to Shaun Marsh in IPL..  I dont see how it harmed the Australian Cricket in any way…

The bigger deal : IITians tend to go abroad only because of lack of proper infrastructure in India… they are a hard workin lot (yupp.. it might be a case of self appraisal here) … and they will obviously reject workin in Indian companies which mostly dont pay much… and have a terrible work culture.. When big companies like TATA, ONGC and some IT giants have not been able to sustain IITians for long… how is it expected that other companies improve the scene… A 3 month intern in any part of the world will not bring about any change at all here.. its fruitless.. the purpose looks only worth some nonsense talk among old 70 year olds… there is no sense at all…

But with the Indian economy looking up and local companies complaining of a talent crunch, it was time to stop the ‘brain drain’.

Ashok Misra, director, IIT-Bombay, says, “Students will have to undertake internship in if they want their course credits.

Instead of foreign universities, they will now get to join Indian institutes such as Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Saket Narayan(BARC), Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

“This move should help both the students as well as the country. We took this decision to retain the engineering talent of the country. Students get attracted to foreign companies and fail to update themselves on the developments in industries in . It is very shocking for us that students are unaware about what’s happening in Indian companies.

We want our students to experience the excitement of engineering companies and research institutes in and have a glimpse of the developments here. At the same time, we want our industry to interact with our exciting and highly talented students.”

Well.. i wont argue here.. this is not even worth it.. With due respects to the IIT administration for blessin their ideas on the only bright thing in ‘India Shining’… Consider the Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Department of IIT Bombay… with just 90 students at present (this is before reservations and other crap)… lets consider some companies who will be interested in actually takin students for interns.. not just showin interest in front of reporters… Tata Steel… well.. they take 3 guys… Jindal, ESSAR.. another dozen… ITC.. 2-3 more… some other big names.. another dozen… that totals to around 30 guys in big companies… what about the rest 60… they work in road side enterprises… in companies which cant affort to have internship programs… in companies which makes them enter accounts on to excel files for 3 months… in companies which are useless but assure them of a certificate… what useful is this experience.. what good does it do to the country… Unless you go out to see what the developed nations are doin.. you really cant progress… lets face it.. Indian companies are dull, dumb and slow.. the scene might be changin.. but then.. if 60 out of 90 students are to be wasted like this… there is no point callin them the cream of the nation… wonder which base they are gonna strenghten this policy on.. ??

Industrial Internships are anyways very rare and difficult to get… There was no point in bannin it and creatin such a big issue… and it definitely wasnt worth the big issue… A look at the comments on Mumbai Mirror online and its shameful… Nobody understands what this talk is about.. everybody draws out their own conclusions… there is criticism all around…

I would suggest Mumbai Mirror to look for other things to make fun of… I think there will be a point when Journalism will the most hated aspect of the country..  I hope they dont face a ban soon… !!

.. and as far as IITs are considered.. well.. with so much being done to dismantle them forever.. this is just a small.. minor move….


7 thoughts on “IITB : Ban on Foreign Internships

  1. Nice review.We all know what you’ve said is true & this decision is absolute crap (only valid reason I see is to stop the infi spamming which happens to profs email id’s…that is the only bad part…but banning overall isnt a solution to this).Good insight for the ones who were ignorant about these facts inside IIT!

  2. gr8 job man… get it in the insight..
    should go to the dean… they should review this internship thing or it is guys from our batch who are going to suffer.

  3. ha ha interesting take dude
    but most IITians want an foreign internship in a university just to have a foreign trip with the expenses paid by the prof…. they just go there to see good roads and white chicks and drink booze 😛

  4. ha ha interesting take dude
    but most IITians want an foreign internship in a university just to have a foreign trip with the expenses paid by the prof…. they just go there to see good roads and white chicks and drink booze 😛

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