The Case of Afzal Guru

I think that the present UPA government will do all it takes to somehow block or suspend the Afzal Guru hanging case… and my point becomes clearer by the day…If someone is on the lookout for evidence.. here are some :  an unnecessary, deliberate, manned, controlled, strategic, sly delay on decidin the clemency petition… never before has a yes/no answer taken so long.. not even the most pampered girl in the world would take so much time in makin a decision when so much as the entire life of a brave guy is at stake….  then this equation of unrelated issues like Sarabjit singh’s case in Pakistan… Probably the UPA government is tryin its level best to delay the hanging… I feel if you believe that there is a tie up between the screwed Govt of Pakistan (it happens to be Harpic and Odonil in my house) and the UPA to delay both the Sarabjit and Afzal case… then all reports will be found in place…the motion would be clear enough… Although such a thing is just my imagination.. for an iota of truth here would be enough to spark that downfall at the center…

So everyone waits… till Afzal himself escapes from prison (or allowed to escape as is normally the case).. another fine episode of  prison break to be streamed all day long in half the channels broadcasted over television…till another Kandhahar to take place… till someone hits on the bright idea of  tradin him for Sarabit’s release…till Afzal’s supporters create a public opinion for abolition of capital punishment citing the European practices…                                                                   

SO much for the UPA government…


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