Dust Storms in the city

Well… they seem to blow everythin away in Ahmedabad.. literally… and nature’s fury seems to have planned it all quite cunningly… An analysis…

STAGE 1 : Storms blowin at pretty mild speeds at ground level inhabited (and crowded) by most men and dogs.. but removin any clouds up above that could come close to causin a pre-monsoon shower…

STAGE 2: Nevertheless.. rain gods decide that not all the water in the country will be sprayed on to Mumbai… up come the clouds.. too many of them to be cleared out completely… up comes the next smart move… efficiently bring into low altitude orbit sand particles and their cousins and project all kinds of cyclonic movements possible… screw up the traffic.. worsen the dogs’ madness… whistle through the packed highrises of the city (and that sound is screechy ! )

STAGE 3 : … and then comes the knockout punch… selective cloud clearance in decreasin order of saturation… so the black ones are gone…

and the useless ones left behind as the sightseein option of the already irritated earthlings.. !  Talk about strategies…

CONSEQUENCE : heavy clouds on the horizon… Heavy clouds up overhead… Dusty Storms… Useless white and grey clouds left overhead… Drizzle.. heavy clouds on the opp horizon with no sign of them ever returnin…Just a drizzle… Humidity… Madness… Bloggin.. !!


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