The Car Accident

Hmm… so we were all drivin from Ahmedabad to Mumbai… on one of India’s fastest highways… and we were cruising around as it has been all the time… I think its worth a mention that our family is crazy about driving places… so much that we’ve even driven a non-AC Maruti 800 from New Delhi all the way to Jorhat (an isolated town in Assam)…at a certain point of time in this journey we decided to break at one of Reliance’s petrol pump cum junk food joints….. 10 km post the industrial and historical town of Vapi… Now Reliance has this fancy thing at least in Gujarat where instead of openin one joint and asking for a break in the divider, they let the divider be( which at most places happens to be even broader than the highway)… and instead open 2 joints just opposite each other…

Anyway… so that meant when we came out of the joint to hit the highway, we’d certainly look only in one direction… to see the oncoming traffic… and this is when a container loaded trailer (the heavy 32 wheeler, hundreds of which ply on this highway) driving down the slope from the wrong side at no less than a 100 kmph tangentially grazed our vehicle… based on the distance we estimated a second before we felt it was a graze… it didnt appear it would be more than a graze… but the impact was far more than expected…..

The car completely thrown off the ground… My dad behind the wheel lost his grip …his specs flew out… the mobiles and other stuff in our pockets popped out… and the car took a full 360 degree swerve before resting… my mom in the rear seat feelin the least impact…

I was the first one to get out of the car…It was raining outside and my first response was to chase that trailer down to get the RTO number…This is when I had this sudden urge to see what state the car was in… And I seriously froze when I saw that the entire engine had collapsed…The car looked no better than a van… and soon the engine and lubricating oils had made a mini-highway for themselves on the rainy road…

Being in Gujarat though has a lot af advantages… it took precisely 20 min for 2 medical vans, 1 taxi, and a crane to reach us after we made the call… it was all unnecessary as it was only the car which needed repairs… we had so luckily escaped unscathed… but a second late… and IIT would have had an empty seat… and lots more…

We stayed in Vapi overnight at one of my friend’s place… and left the next morning to Mumbai…

So yeah… thats given me all the lessons in momentum conservation… never underestimate a big vehicle… never ever… !

And if you are planning to get a car soon… get a big one… small ones tend to blow or fly off very soon…


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